Clothing Care

  • Offspring babywear is carefully designed to allow for shrinkage and will fit comfortably on your baby after washing
  • Our products are guaranteed not to shrink significantly in length and width
  • Offspring conducts extensive fit tests to improve styling and achieve the right fit
  • Our garments are made with generous diaper allowance and there's plenty of added room in the foot area
  • A pre-shrunk garment offers the benefit of having already gone through the shrinkage that normally occurs with the first washing
  • By law and for the safety of your baby, all sleepwear above size 9 months must be either flame retardant or very snug fitting

Care Instructions:

Since you will now be devoting a major portion of your life to doing laundry, here are some suggestions to make it easier:

  • For extra comfort, wash all babywear before it's worn.
  • While soap products are ideal for delicates, you should continue using detergents for polyester. Detergents will not affect the flame-resistant properties of polyester sleepwear fabric.
  • Before throwing clothes in the washer, always read the care label.
  • Turn garments inside out to keep them from pilling.
  • Zip all zippers and snap all snaps.
  • To avoid spot bleaching, add detergent and agitate before putting clothes in the washer. If you need to put the clothes in before the detergent and/or bleach, be sure that all garments are completely immersed.
  • Always dry on a low heat setting. High heat increases shrinkage in natural fibers.
  • Always dry velour in a dryer to maintain its even, soft surface.

Hints For Stain Removal:

  • Stains are a sure thing with any baby. To win this battle, follow these easy tips:
  • Treat every stain as quickly as possible. Don’t allow it to dry.
  • For removal of a spot stain, test an inconspicuous area of the garment.
  • Blot stained area with a paper towel or washcloth to absorb as much of the stain as possible. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Wash using detergents recommended for babywear and prewashes containing enzymes.
  • If applying detergent to a stain, avoid the use of powdered products with blue granules.
  • Don't use bleach on non-colorfast garments. Non-chlorine bleach may be used as needed unless otherwise stated in washing instructions.
  • Dilute any bleach before using.
  • Don't mix acids, ammonia or vinegar with bleach.
  • Don't dry the garment until you are satisfied that the stain is out; heat can set the stain.